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No matter the nature of your labor job, Los Alamitos Movers can help. Give us a call and tell us more about your labor moving so our team of moving consultants can come up with the moving plan for you. When it comes to labor jobs, we know we have to be flexible, especially if we are talking about loading or unloading. Your U-haul or pod company can switch the date or time for the arrival of your items and we will try to fit that into our schedule.

Why Do You Need Labor Only Moving Services?

You might think it is simple to perform a labor job because you only need to be strong, but it is not like that at all. First, you should think about your safety and the safety of your belongings. If a heavy lifting job is performed by someone without experience, there is a lot that can go wrong. Including you breaking your back. This is something that we all want to avoid. Our professional team has experience in moving, so they will be able to pack your truck in the most efficient way. Not to mention safety and time efficiency.

Contact Our Labor Only Movers When You Need Help With:

  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Swapping furniture in your home
  • Redecoration of your home
  • Moving within the same building
  • Moving within the same building complex
  • Staging homes for sale

And many more...

We Offer All-Inclusive Labor Moving Help

When someone has experience with moving, the job will be performed way faster and it is guaranteed that your furniture will be protected and padded. Our labor jobs include service of disassembly or reassembly and wrapping of your furniture in order to stay protected during the relocation. We have the same goal – to offer you a stress-free experience.

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All of this comes at an affordable rate. We are not charging anything to get to your location or to go back to our warehouse. The time for your labor move starts once the actual job starts. There are no hidden charges for handling heavy items, using stairs, or long hallways. It is all part of our job. Get in touch with us today for the best labor-only moving solutions Los Alamitos has ever seen.

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One is guaranteed – movers are not allowed to do a move for you before they go through training. Even though they are professionals, we don’t want to risk your safety and that is why basic coverage insurance is included in our price. If you are not happy with any part of your local apartment move, let us know, and feel free to start your claim process with us. Our customer care team will make sure to come up with the solution that will make you satisfied.